Proud mother. Passionate photographer. Deep base devotee.  Avid bookworm. Information collector. Internet addict. Bourbon loving sunset junkie. Unofficial graphic designer. Cloud observing dreamer and people watcher of note.

Come in and put your feet up…I’d love to show you around… meet me, and my family… and hopefully you’ll also get a glimpse into my world…. I think it’s rather special, but then don’t we all… 🙂     Born in Durban, I grew up the beautiful city of Cape Town… But a while ago  took the plunge with my daughter and moved up to Jozi… and I absolutely LOVE it!  The energy, the vibe, the weather…     What do I love to shoot? Everything! As long as I’m behind a camera, I’m a happy camper..  I also love soft  light and pretty things….  I am the proud mother of the worlds only 10 year old teenager… I could eat ice cream in the North Pole, because its never to cold for ice cream… I’m a sucker for expensive perfumes and bags…  I’ve travelled to over 40 countries, and I’ve still never seen a sunset to match that of one in Africa….   and if I could be anything in the whole wide world… I would still choose to be a photographer…

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